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Buravleva Evgenia

Evgeniya Buravleva was born in Kirov (Russia) in 1980.

2000 - graduated from the Rylov Art School of Vyatka.

2008 - graduated from Moscow's Surikov State Academy Art Institute (class of Pavel Nikonov).

2007 - had a study placement at the Berlin University of Arts. 

Since 2009 - a member of Moscow Union of artists.

Since 2000 - a participant of exhibitions.

Buravleva's works are in private collections inside and outside Russia, in the Russian Culture Fund collection, Moscow Union of artists collection, the Kovcheg Gallery (Moscow) and Russian regional art museum. 



- "Snow falls", Kovcheg Gallery, Moscow.

- "Secret garden/Hortus conclusus", A-3 Gallery, Moscow. 

- Auction MOST, Kovalenko museum of art, Krasnodar. Spring auction.

- "Metageography. Space-image-action" (special project of 6 Moscow bienalle of contemporary art), Tretyakov State Gallery, Moscow.

- Auction MOST, Kovalenko museum of art, Krasnodar. Winter auction.



- "Landscape with disappearance", Voronezh center of contemporary art.

- "Together", Meinlschmidt Kunstgalerie, Germany.

- "Russian Roulette", Erarta Gallery, New York.

- "Everybody to the garden!", Kovcheg Gallery, Moscow.

- "TIME FORWARD", Central House of artists, Moscow.

- "It is not clear", Kovcheg Gallery, Moscow.

- "Metageography", Voronezh regional museum named by Ivan Kramskoi.



- "Process", Salon-2013, Central House of artists, Moscow.

- "Paris is never ended. Enter/exit", Pokrovka street, 37, Moscow.

- Personal exhibition "Surface-to-air-missile", "Brown stripe" gallery, Moscow.

- Personal exhibition "Sities", (jointly with Alexandra Osipova), "Open Club" gallery, Moscow.

- "Stanzas. Moscow painting of new generation", Erarta museum, Saint-Petersburg. 

- "First quarter", Kovcheg Gallery, Moscow.



- Personal exhibition "The Body of Sity" (jointly with Mariya Suvorova), Moscow.

- "The Painting. Evgeniya Buravleva and Egor Plotnikov", exhibition hall of publishing house "Russian Heritage", Moscow.

- Project "Directions", Salon-2012, Central House of artists, Moscow. 

- "English holidays", (jointly with Egor Plotnikov and Alexei Blagovestnov), RUKIGOLOVA Gallery, Central House of artists, Moscow.

- "Evgeniya Buravleva. Painting", Kovcheg Gallery, Moscow. 



- "Between Object and Imaginaition" (within Parallel Programme of the 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art), Kovcheg Gallery, Moscow.

- ART.FAIR, Kovcheg Gallery exposition, Cologne, Germany.



- "The dialog. Pavel Nikonov and young artisis", Russian Academy of Arts.

- "100 gifts to museum", the Vasnetsov's Brothers Art Museum, Vyatka.

- "artbygeneve", Kovcheg Gallery exposition, Geneve, Switzerland.

- "New Russian painting", Moncrieff-Bray Gallery, UK.

- "Newcastle Gateshead Art Fair", Newcastle, UK.

- "Selection Art Basel", Kovcheg Gallery exposition, Basel, Switzerland.

- ART.FAIR, Kovcheg Gallery exposition, Cologne, Germany.



- Personal exhibition "Spring will soon be here" (jointly with Egor Plotnikov), exhibition hall in Starosadsky side-street, 5, Moscow.

- "From sunset to sunrise", Kovcheg Gallery, Moscow.

- "Personal Acquaintance" (within the Parallel Programme of the 3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art), Kovcheg Gallery, Moscow.

- "Kovcheg Gallery artists", Carree Gallery, Kuopio, Finland. 



- Exhibition of group "Non-topical art", exhibition hall in Kuznetsky Most Street, 20, Moscow. 

- "The present time", Kovcheg Gallery, Moscow

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