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Pangilinan Nataly-Kate


2009-2013 - Moscow State Academic College of Memory 1905 (specialization theater artist)

List of exhibitions:

- Moscow exhibition of young theater artists in the international theater festival " Your chance"(may 2010,may 2011,2012)
- Moscow exhibition of young theater artists in the Union of theatrical figures of the "Clean"("
клин") 2010,2011,2012,2013
- Exhibition of young artists in theater and film at the Moscow Union of Artists in the Exhibition Hall at the Kuznetsky most (june 2011)
- winner of the first degree in Russia exhibition of student artwork schools, theater department 2012
- exhibition of theater artists in the Permian (2012)

Decorated one room in cafe "Clockface"(Pokrovka,12)

Prize in the competition from the company to create a "Martini" design a Christmas tree in 2012 (a trip to New York for the Contemporary Art Fair)

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Скрыть проданныеPainting

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