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Sergey Klykov Was born in Domodedovo, Moscow region in 1969.




- Art school,

- Correspondence school at the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPI),

- Graduated Moscow Institute of Electronic Mechanical Engineering,

- Graduated Moscow University of Art and     Industry named after Strogonov.


Member of Association of Artists of Russia since 1998.


One of professional activities is design  and engineering of private country houses and interiors in it. Sergey owns a workshop where he practices with different materials and instruments. He makes wall panels, art objects and interior features, which are later could be integrated into objects he designs. Art and design works make a final bar in an interior being an eye-catching finalization and personalization of an object.Most of his works are now being held by provate collectors in Russia.


Prizewinner of competition «Design [5] Element» in Saint Petersbourg. May 2015.

Has a publication in print catalogue “Design Giude 2015 “;

Has an interview in a newspaper «4’ROOM»;

Has a publication on portal


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