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Kalinkina Dina

Dina Kalinkina born in Moscow in 1976.

She graduated Moscow School of Art Crafts in 1995, specialty “Painting on metal”.

Later, in 2002 she graduated Moscow State Pedagogical Universit, faculty of graphic arts.

Since the year of 2000 she is engaged in teaching both kids and adult enthusiasts.

She is being a member of  “Art of world nations” international association, International Art Foundation and “Irida” Creative association.

Most of her works are made using oil and canvas. Her favorite stories are flowers, landscapes, still life and nude.

«I couldn’t define direction that I work in for a very very long time. But eventually I realized that it is a POSITIVE pictorial art. I do like when people say that they feel waves of positive emotions and energy flowing from my works. I do not pretend to be named as a contemporary artist or to become famous. The most important for me is making my paintings available and affordable for many people so they can bring more cosiness and warm to them».

Major exhibitions:

2002 - "Molodezhnaya-22" (MOSH of Russia);

2003 and 2005 – Molodezhnaya on Kuznetsky Most (Moscow Artist Association);

2005  - "Moskva I moskvichi" (MOSH of Russia);

2006  - "Rozhdestvo na Begovoy" (MOSH of Russia);

2006  - Personal exhibition in “Belyaevo” gallery;

2006  - Personal exhibition in intellectual center “Prospekt”;

2007  - Personal exhibition in “Sobinbank”";

2008  - "Vessenniy salon" by “Irida” foundation";

2008  - Exhebition of “Isograph” association in “Belyaevo” gallery;

2009  - Regional exhibition by MOSH of Russia in Noviy Manege;

2009  - Exhibition in Gallery of pictorial art MSH "Nashim Zhenshinam";

2009  - "Vessenniy salon" by “Irida” foundation";

2009 – Exhibition in premium supermarket “Grunvald”, Moscow;

2009 – Exhibition inDzhagannatrestaurant;

2009 - Personal exhibition in Vnukovo Airport;

2009 - Personal exhibition in the office of “LANIT-Consulting;

2009 - International exhibition of collectible bears «Hello Teddy»;

2009 - Personal exhibition “Ulybnis, neznakomiy prokhozhiy”;

2010 – Exhibition “Cvetootrazhenie” in “Impressio Art” gallery;

2010 – Exhibition in gallery "ArtYar";

2010 – 7th festival of “Seasons” journal in design-factory “Flacon”;

2011 – Exhibition “Stil I romantizm v sovremennoy zhivopisi” in New Delhi, India;

2012 – Exhibition “vesenniy naturmort” in gallery “Artmix”;

2012 – exhibition “Prazdnik kazhdiy den” in gallery “Artmix”;

2013 – Exhibition “Babye leto”in MSH;

2013 – Exhibition "Cvetochnaya simfoniya" in business center “Premier”;

2013 – Exhibition dedicated to 100th jubilee of 8th march celebration. Gallery of CDH;

2013 - Personal exhibition “Schastye ryadom” in gallery “73 ulitsa”;

2014 - Personal exhibition in “Sberbank Rossii” central office;

2014 – Exhibition “Vremua cveta” in Lega gallery;

2015 - Personal exhibition”Schastye. Ideal voobrazheniya” in IZOArtGallery.


- Journal "Isograph" (November 2006).Article "Novel with an art". Author: Thomas Arutyunyan.;

- Course of lectures “Art with basic chromatics” (MIPK named after I. Fedorov);

- Article  "The World behind transparent curtains". AuthorT. Sintsova. Dec 2009;

- Participation as an artist in “Fazenda” TV show. Jan 2009

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