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Gorbikov Alexander

Alexander Gorbikov is a true master of the brush stroke: light, fluid, airy. It is an ultimate delight to look at his paintings: images almost float through the air, like a mirage. His works look as thought they are made of reflections on the water, sun beams, the fresh ocean breeze…

Alexander was born in Stavropol, Russia. He graduated from Repin Art Academy in St. Petersburg in 1998 and returned to his beloved Stavropol – a southern city, ancient and modern, with lush southern nature, beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, parks and gardens. The nature itself is a source of endless inspiration here.

Alexander actively exhibits locally and frequently participates in national and international art events. He is a member of the prestigious Union of Artists of Russia and International Federation of Artists.

Museums and collections:

Museum of the Repin Art Academy, St. Petersburg
Stavropol Regional Museum of Fine Arts
Zelenokumsk Art Museum


1991 – Regional Exhibition, Stavropol
1992 – 1993 – “Plein Air” Academic exhibition, Saint-Petersburg
1994 – 1997 – Exhibition in Geneva, Beijing, St. Petersburg, Cannes
1997 – Best drawing – Gold Medal in, Repin Art Academy , St. Petersburg

2001-2002 – “Young Artists of Russia”, Moscow
2002 – “Young Artists of the North Caucasus”, Stavropol Regional Museum of Fine Arts
2003 – “Stavropol Contemporary Art”, the State Museum of Oriental Art
2003 – Aves Gallery – Personal Exhibition, Zheleznovodsk.
2004 – “Artists of Russia at the Turn of the Millennia” Exhibition
2005 – “Russian Academy of Fine Arts – 250 years” Exhibition
2007 – First international festival EC “Manezh”, Moscow
2008 – Exhibition in the hotel «Hilton» on. Cyprus, Nicosia
2010 – Personal exhibition at Essentuki Museum, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
2012 – Exhibition “Faces of Time” Historical Museum Essentuki
2013 – Exhibition of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture “Spring mood», Alla Bulyanskaya Gallery, London
2013 – Exhibition “Rolling Light”, Moscow
2013 – Exhibition “Russian Art” Liuzhou, China
2014 – Exhibition “Summer – a small life” Parshin Gallery Stavropol
2015 – “Spring Grechishkinskaya” Stavropol State Museum


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