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Bogdanova Mariya

Maria Bogdanova was born in 1984 in Tver.

Studied graphical design in Tver College of Art named after Venetsianov.

Graduated Graduated Moscow University of Art and Industry named after Strogonov in 2009. She is an artist focused on mural, easel painting, graphics and mosaics. Maria love artphotography. Member of Moscow Artists Association since 2010.

Major exhibitions:


2004 – “Masterskaya 20'04” in MMoMA. Special prize for a project “Have you ever seen the Angels”;

2005 – “Masterskaya MEMORIYA '05” in MMoMA,  "Iz zhizni ptic";

2006 – “Masterskaya 20'06 POWER” in MMoMA, "Military ballet";

2007 – Personal exhibition "ANESTESIA" in gallery "LaboratoriYA";

2010 – Personalexhibition "Gipsy Stories" in theatre L'Atalant, Paris;

2011 - Looking Easward by foundation of Luchano Benetton, Italy;

2012 – Exhibition "80 let МSH" in Centralniy  Dom Hudozhnika, Moscow;

2013 – Youth exhibition "Gorod" in exhibition hall of MSH;

2013 – exhibition "Bespredmetnoye  iskusstvo" in exhibition hall of MSH;

2013 – Exhibition of MSH monumental artists in exhibition hall on Kuznetsky Most;

2013 – Paired exhibition of paintings in collaboration with Arseniy Bagdasaryan in gallery “Otkritiy Klub”;

2014 – Youth exhibition “Lubov”, MSH;

2014 – Biennale of contemporary art photography  in Russian Museum;


Maria’s works are mainly held by private collectors and in foundation of Moscow Museum of Modern Arts

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